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The World Food Clock by Osher Gunsberg

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My favourite thing on the internet is The World Food Clock

world food clock

That’s because when people ask me why I don’t eat meat, I no longer have to go into a long and delicate explanation.

I just show them this site for about two minutes and they understand.

While I am grateful that I don’t have to kill anything to live, for me my diet was never about animal rights – it has always been about shared resources and personal health.

Just looking at this beautifully presented set of data will change your day more profoundly than anything else you’ll see online. The next time you leave the tap running while you’re reaching over the kitchen to grab something  - you’ll think about the perfectly good drinking water that’s running down into the sewers.

The next time you buy three heads of broccoli from the market and only end up cooking two, you’ll think of this as you throw one away.

The thing is – by the time you dump it, it’s just a sad-looking limp broccoli – but it’s actually about $2. Would you throw $2 straight in the trash?

Around 40% of all food is wasted in the developed world (let’s face it – if you’re reading this, you live in the developed world). Can you imagine how our planet could change if we simply wasted less food? Can you imagine the impact on land, water and CO2 emissions?

Just by watching out for how much food you waste, how much water you waste, and how much meat you eat – you can change the world.

(Not to mention the 40% of your grocery bill that you’re throwing in the rubbish, think of all the money you can save!)

Go back and have another look at that web page after a few minutes.

It’s one of the most impactful sets of data I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for considering it.

Osher Gunsberg

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