Posted on 20.05.14 By Charlie Pickering

An Introduction to Bruce Kapusta

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When a stadium crowd attentively watches a man descend from the ceiling seated on a glitter-covered crescent moon playing a cover of Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ on the trumpet, it is probably wise to pay attention. If that sort of thing is normal to you, you probably live in Germany.

In a digitally connected world, we can sometimes make the mistake of thinking that we have more culture in common than we do. This clip of Bruce Kapusta is a great reminder that every country has beloved cultural touchstones that would baffle everyone else around the world.

Finding out more about Bruce proved difficult. All sources were in German and when translated they only proved even more confusing. And so, based on this clip, his own website and an almost completely ineffective Google translation of a German Wikipedia page, I humbly submit

Kapusta 101: An introduction to Bruce Kapusta

Bruce Kapusta plays the Trumpet.

Bruce Kapusta is happy to wear a shiny suit.

Bruce Kapusta is not afraid of heights.

Bruce Kapusta was a star of the German version of The Love Boat.

Bruce Kapusta, when performing as a clown, has a tail.

If you or someone you know would like to know more about Bruce Kapusta, we can recommend his website or Germany.

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