Posted on 16.05.14 By Sarah Krasnostein

Red House Furniture Commercial

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When Obama spoke about the verdict in the killing of Trayvon Martin, he stated that we’re not living in a post-racial society. Maybe he hadn’t seen this commercial for the Red House Furniture store in High Point, North Carolina, “where black people and white people buy furniture. And Hispanic people too. And all people”.

Sure, race is currently a stronger predictor of whether someone will get the death penalty than smoking is for heart disease. But love sees no color at this locally-owned and family-operated store. Their salesman, Johnny (also known as “T-Engage”) likes “deer hunting, bass fishing, and extending credit to all people”. And their sofas “are perfect for a black person, or a white person”. One coffee table, one love. As it is at the Red House, so let it be on earth. Amen.

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