Posted on 16.05.14 By Charlie Pickering

A wife’s worst enemy is coffee and therefore herself

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Sure, we picked this clip, but we could have picked any one of about a hundred old commercials for coffee over the decades from various companies that have one simple premise: if you make bad coffee, you are a bad wife.

The benchmarks of good versus bad coffee are entirely set by husbands who are never wrong regardless of how repugnant they are. And the consequences of bad coffee? Your husband will come to admire the coffee of other women (in this case the girls in the office), which is code for ‘your husband will have an affair and it will be your fault, you bad-coffee-making dud wife’.

A particularly cold place in hell should be reserved for the executives who thought it was ok for husbands to lament that they preferred their mothers’ coffee over their wives’ coffee. Yeah? Well go and make babies with your mothers.

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