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Don’t F with $hmyl by Scott Dooley

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East Gosford is located about 75 kilometres from Sydney, it’s a part of the Central Coast an area best known for its idyllic beaches, a relaxed lifestyle that suits retirees and for a “hectic cunt” named $hmyl.

$hmyl (aka $hmyllinaire/ Lil $hmylan) burst upon the scene with Don’t Fuck With $hmyl and the controversial ‘Bitchez Dey Love Me’.  I’ve chosen ‘Don’t Fuck With $hmyl’ because it introduces us to Big Daddy D and the rest of $hmyl’s crew, who look a formidable bunch of street toughs.

In a world of homogenized rap music, cookie cutter pop and color-by-numbers rock it’s refreshing to see an artist like $hmyl break the shackles and force the music industry and pop culture as a whole to sit up and take notice.

Personal highlights include $hmyl hanging out of a car (his best friends ride?) giving us the finger, Big Daddy D’s obviously flubbed line that made the cut and the embarrassment on his face when he realizes that this is the take that $Shmyl went with for the video, $hmyl, in a moment that no doubt inspired Lil Wayne and Danny Brown, telling us that he spends a portion of his time “lickin’ flaps” and the flurry of punches directed at no one in particular at the conclusion of the song.

Please sit back and enjoy $hmyl.

NOTE: There’s a lot of really good hip hop coming out of Australia at the moment it’s just that this guy makes me laugh.

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