Posted on 16.05.14 By Charlie Pickering

Hall, Oates sing the national anthem

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As the announcer mentions in the first clip, Hall & Oates are the highest selling duo of all time. Take that Everly Brothers! Take that TaTu! Here, we see them separate to offer their own interpretations of the national anthem – both in Philadelphia and both for the World Series.

John Oates begins with a stellar performance, complete with perfectly-timed ‘bombs bursting in air’ accompanied by actual bombs bursting in actual air.

We can only assume that Daryl Hall not only went second but also watched John Oates’s performance. Because when Hall went out there to sing the Star Spangled Banner, he also chose to completely reinvent music.

This clip is glorious for the palpable moment that you feel the baseball crowd go from not really being sure what they were watching, to simultaneously realizing that they were witnessesing a miracle. Even the mascot becomes a Hall fanatic.

You may call it an epiphany, Daryl Hall just calls it blue-eyed soul.

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