Posted on 16.05.14 By Charlie Pickering

Jolene at 33⅓

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This is one of those clips that makes you just think ‘nice one, internet!’. The premise is simple – take an original 7inch single of Dolly Parton’s mighty Jolene, usually played at 45rmp and play it at 331/3 rpm. The result is somehow the voice of a haunted man singing straight from a swamp. It’s a testament to the quality of Dolly’s talent that it will work at any speed you choose.

And if you’d like to compare it to the original, I recommend this version from the Porter Wagoner Show. In this clip, as well as a flawless performance from Dolly, we are treated to two world records from Porter Wagoner – Most Ludicrous Suit Worn By Anyone Claiming To Be ‘Country’, and Most Inappropriately Close Interview Stance.

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